The Orange Sophie’s Breath 100% HCFSE cart by new brand Cumulus Carts is a refreshing addition to my collection. The taste consists of tangy orange citrus terpenes on the inhale mixed with a sweet vanilla-like dankness on the exhale.  It is very smooth (no coughing induced whatsoever) with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

The Effects?  Good Golly Miss Molly!!! A rushing high initially hits the brain like a freight train and very quickly flows through the body in bursting waves of energy. I feel easily excitable but can also be distracted by anything that sparkles or is cute. The strain is a 50/50 hybrid, and the Indica effects do eventually triumph as I become lazy and crave solitude. This strain is certainly a fun roller coaster ride you do want to take!

The physical cart itself is new to me as I’ve only seen a few like it before. The ergonomic metal mouthpiece provides an enjoyable vaping experience. Being metal makes me wonder if it is magnetic & what I could do with that ability? Clearly some of that Sativa buzz is still lingering! Also, the oil is quite thick so I recommend using the pre-heat option if you have it to avoid any clogging issues; otherwise, no problems.

These carts are a definite must try and the price tag is unbeatable so there’s really no excuse! I’m VERY excited to buy other strains by Cumulus Carts, so please stay on the lookout for future reviews.