These big chunky diamonds lathered in sauce are an amazing treat for anytime of the day. I love this texture for diamonds as the chunks allow for easy cold starts but there’s also a good amount of sauce so I can customize each dab to preference. The aroma has a predominant orange citrus tone along with a strong gas and some earthy/almost doughy whiffs coming through on deeper inhales. This translates into a very complex, unique, and delicious sweet orange flavour with a small hint of earthy cookies on exhale and a bit of a gassy aftertaste. The burn is clean, leaving very little residue and making for a perfectly smooth smoke. The high starts out very cerebral with a euphoric head rush which almost leaves you momentarily stunned. This then slowly fades and puts you in a dreamy and meditative haze. This high is all around fantastic and I think it would go well in just about any situation. From introspective to social settings, this stuff is always great. I really love the unique terps and amazing high on this strain. Extremely happy and as always with WCC, highly recommend! 🔥👊