These beautiful meaty nugs are called OG Shark, they are just frosted right out with trichomes. The density is rock hard with almost no spongyness upon squeezing. The buds were on the medium to large size. Manicured to near perfection and cured on point. Has a dank earthy diesel aroma with tones of blueberry in there.

Upon smoking I recieved a earthy fruity diesel taste with a bit of spicyness. The smoke was thick and rich like being decently smooth. Burned slowed and even in joint. Had a light grey ash going on.

This is a medium to high potency balanced hybrid. After smoking I felt europhic and cerebral. I felt creative and motivated to do stuff. A relaxation crept up on me and washed over me. Rated an AA and valued at 130 a zip before any coupons.