Strain – OG Majik (Heirloom Purple x Mandarin Sunset)

Smell – this mysterious strain has a very sweet terpene profile emitting from it as soon as you give the bag an opening to breath the exotic aroma out. It sports a really sweet fruitiness, smelling the presence of citrus and mandarin, with a subtle hint of earthiness

Smoke – moving over to the smoke, the transition is quite smooth, along with the consistency of the burn. On the inhale you get the sweet fruity mandarin flavoring, with added spiciness, and the exhale having a sweet cedar, earthiness with a lingering citrus. Lighter grey ash with some slight salt & peppering, and a nice oil ring to tag along

High – this magical hybrid has a slightest indica dominance (60/40) offering up the best of both worlds. It gives you uplifting energy while shifting you to a happier place. I also find it relaxing to the body, and providing a steady ease of pain. Great strain to light up during the day while staying capable of completing everything you’ve got planned out

Quality: the bud was spade shaped and of a small to medium size in stature. Olive green coloring with some dark purple undertones really adding to the color scheme. A decent spread of orangish brown pistils, well trimmed, and sporting a healthy layer of milky white trichomes. The nug of slight sponginess, with a fresh to the touch feel inside and out, and a sticky resinous interior