Sticky,tight,rock solid,crispy and well manicured very colorful buds im seeing dark hues of purple,green,golden copper with some lime green bleeding throughout, completely caked in crystals and small diamond like trichomes the shine as soon as light hits the buds, Smell is subtle but once agitated im getting sweet fruity with some earthy gas. Taste is sweet creamy smokey diesel with some pungent earthy sour that sits nice on the palate and keeps you guessing. Smooth burn with a nice little oil ring about midway through joint(1.5g) with a very light salt and pepper ash! I’m feeling euphoric/happy,very chilled out and relaxed yet alert and very talkative. Heavy eyes and slightly intense cerebral High! Excellent herb overall decent and got me pretty baked! I’d recommend this herb for evening and night-time smoking! Some could use this as a sleep aid!