Strain – Nuken (God Bud x Kish)

Smell – it has become quite the distinct scent on the Nuken strain, I can probably pick this strain out in a smell line-up. It has a really sweet nose that is also really earthy mixed with herbal smelling at the same time. Quite the sweet and skunky terpenenes reeking off of this stuff becoming more pronounced once grinded up

Smoke – good transition from smell to smoke, producing an skunky earthy taste on the inhale, and exhaled it moves to more of a sweet piney lingering taste. Nice even and consistent burn twisted up in a joint. Medium grey salt and pepper ash, smooth smoking, and a nice consistent burn with a resin ring joining the dance

High – always a good option for daytime smoke and can also be burned first thing to wake and bake to. Leaves you nice and relaxed yet focused and I find that it doesn’t remove any motivation for banging out any tasks you’ve got on the go. Burn out also doesn’t seem to occur, which is a huge plus

Quality: fairly dense buds of smaller portions with some subtle light green hues, medium almost emerald green nugs with darker green undertones in portions throughout the formations. A light dusting of trichomes glistening off with copper pistils sticking out all directions of the structures