Strain – Nuken (God Bud x Kish)

Smell – the distinct scent that Nuken sports is very familiar. It has a really sweet smell that is also really earthy herbal smelling at the same time. Quite the sweet skunky terpenenes produced by this strain

Smoke – good transition from smell to smoke, producing an skunky earthy taste on the inhale, and exhaled it moves to more of a sweet piney lingering taste. Medium grey salt and pepper ash, smooth smoking, and a nice consistent burn with a resin ring intact

High – this is a good strain for daytime smoke and also a decent option to wake and bake. Leaves you nice and relaxed yet focused and I find that it doesn’t remove any motivation for banging out any tasks you’ve got on the go. Burn out was also very non existent

Quality: really nice big dense bud with light green hues, medium almost emerald green nugs with darker green undertones in portions throughout the formations. A light dusting of trichomes glistening off with copper pistils sticking out all over these bad boys