Everyone has heard of and likely tried Northern lights, I myself can’t count the times I’ve smoked this strain. The smell was quite muted but pine and citrus notes were very noticeable while squishing or breaking down the bud. The visuals made up for the smell though. Deep dark purples and greens were elevated by bright green backgrounds. The bud may have been roughed up a bit in transit or harvesting as there were few visible trichome heads on the exterior. Trichomes were however plentiful as you looked inside the cracks and crevices of the bud.

Smoke was generally smooth with a slight dryness felt to the back of the throat. Joint burned well and ended with a light grey salt and pepper ash. Taste was dominantly earthy on inhale with some added pine on exhale. Potency was reasonable with an Indica dominant buzz making it hard to focus with little ambition to do anything but relax.