Nitrous combines the genetics of nitrous cookies x platinum. This creates an amazing strain that’s super resinous and completely glistening in trichomes. Through closer look we see a healthy mix of cloudy and amber trichome heads showcasing a perfect harvest. Gorgeous colors of forest green and dark purple leaves along vibrant orange hairs. These buds were sticky with a medium density that wasn’t to dry or wet just the perfect amount of humidity. The nose is sweet cookies/light earthiness and pungent gas terpenes. This translates well over to the smoke starting off smooth and sweet but then building into a potent earthy/gas finish. It had a clean burn that was completely white. The high hits between the eyes and as my eyelids began to feel heavy my mind was able to unwind. It’s a heavy hitting indica-dom that creeps up and full body relaxation takes over with hunger. Another beautiful strain grown by rootbase that truely amazes me with the quality shown in his craft.