Nirvana from Shades Of Green

Visual: This one had a Sativa look to it. It has light greens and bright greens with orange hairs all over. It had lots of crystal, especially when I opened it up. It had a nice cone like structure and it was a bit dense bit it still had a bit of a squish to it.

Nose: The nose was very kushy! I also got pine and a bit of woodiness.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to cut and to grind and it was very sticky when I was cutting it. It made my fingers very sticky.

Taste: The taste was super kushy as well! It just filled up my mouth with it’s pungent flavour. I got the pine and the woodiness in the flavour also.

Burn: The burn was great! It smoked nice and slow and steady.

Potency/Effects: This was my first time trying Nirvana. It was very potent and the effects were very sativa leaning. I felt very energetic and the effects were uplifting and motivational. I was ready to do some chores after this one! It is definitely a go do strain that gets your mind and body going!

Overall score – 9.4/10