Mystery Pink from StoneysBC – Indica – (AAAA)

Visual: The visual was very nice! It was very dank looking. It had some varying colours, some bright greens and it got the closer that you get to the tips of the buds. There was lots more crystal build up at the tips and when I opened it up there was lots of nice big crystals all throughout. It had a lot of squish because of how fresh it was.

Nose: The nose was very gassy with some earthiness and a hint of floral scent.

Roll: It was very easy to roll and it squished a bit while I was cutting it because it was quite sticky.

Taste: The taste was very nice. It had an earthiness to it with some gassiness and some kushiness.

Burn: Great burn! It was a nice heavy smoke and the ash was very light.

Potency/Effects: It built up well into a nice heavy heady buzz. I felt vary happy and aware at first. There was a business in my forehead that worked it’s way down to my back and then continued all the way down to the tips of my toes. It was a good and heavy stone. Very nice!

Overall score – 9.2/10