West Coast Collective’s High Purity Extracts (HPE) is their line of top notch diamonds which are ran very cold and go through a double stage dewaxing process. This results in an extremely terpy and clean burning final product. This strain gives off a very pungent sweet gas aroma with some slight vanilla, doughy, and herbal undertones. This complex nose translates extremely well into a strong and delicious flavour with an interesting sweet/citrus and herbal gas profile. The high feels very balanced, giving a relaxing and mind numbing effect but also just enough energy to keep you mentally alert and active. There is an initial head rush with a bit of a head band feeling but this slowly dissipates throughout your your upper body and legs. I would say this is a perfect high for anytime of the day. The burn and smoke are both amazingly clean, leaving no residue and almost no cough on low temp dabs. The ratio of sauce to diamonds is also really good; I’m able to choose between a terpy treat or a thc bomb on every dab which is always fun. Overall this HPE is definitely some of the best diamonds I’ve gotten the chance to try. Extremely pleased and would definitely recommend! ⛽️😤