Came in some nice branded packaging with the ingredients list on the back. Contained inside was the chocolate bar, 9 squares in total, wrapped in an aluminum wrapper

The chocolate itself looked fairly high quality and was really sensitive to heat. Would melt in your hands within seconds.

Taste was pretty good. Very rich and overly sweet chocolate with a very smooth mouthfeel. Little pieces of candied cherries in some of the pieces. No detectable cannabis flavors, though the source product is distillate so there shouldn’t be any. Tasted more like really sweet truffles with a similar texture.

I’ve played around a lot with these 900 mg black cubes in particular. I’ve found the dosage to be pretty inconsistent. Some pieces seem to have more distillate content than others. I’ve tried some squares and had no effect, tried others with more potency than I bargained for. I’ve shared them with a lot of friends too. Experiences range from tripping out off of 1/10th of a square to feeling nothing after an entire bar.

Definitely a tasty and well refined product, though the issues with the dosing are concerning.