🌲🍭🍦💐 This is an absolutely amazing pure sativa strain, probably my favorite ever. From the outside the nugs are dark green and decently caked with long orange hairs. But on the inside, they’re impressively coated with a sea of trichome heads. The aroma is hard to pinpoint, I’d say it’s best described as a sweet, creamy and pungent woody/floral aroma, but this doesn’t come out until it’s busted up. The terpene profile translates into a very complex flavor, with sweetness being its main component. There are also hints of cream, herb, and spice. The high hits immediately with an intense rush of euphoria which puts you into a forgetful mind-space with nothing at all in mind. The smoke is also very smooth with a soft, grey ash. This is a MUST TRY for any sativa lover. 💯🔥