Strain – Monkey Breath (Grease Monkey x Dank  Breath)

Vistual/Texture – the majority was made up of a large monstrous unit of a bud, a smaller sidekick tagging along. Tightly compact together, minimal give when squeezed, crisp shelled exterior while maintaining a fresher, stickiness inside. Once snapping into the nugs, you find yourself fighting against the sticky resin lined interior. Mostly dressed in a brighter neon green shading, with undertones of dark forest coloring, and tons of rich vibrant purple hued patches spread throughout. Thick bright fire orange pistils lighting up the entire mass, and thickly draped up in a layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – emitting loud terpenes that pour out of this strain with a vengeance of both potent dankness meeting with a real sweetness, mixing the aromas together creating this absolutely deadly pairing. Smelling of pungent diesel gas, with a sweetened vanilla fragrance while also having scents of skunky herbs, and a light earthy undertone 

Smoke – transitioning itself over from nose to smoke is a fluently carried over, with the identical profiles really emerging with each puff taken. An inhale that’s majority fuelled up by that dank diesel skunky gas, being sweetened up by a vanilla, and mild earth flavoring. Exhaling out you keep alot of the flavoring with more of that earthiness seeping through, yet leaving that sweet taste to slowly dissipate off the tongue. Ash coming off as a  light greyish, with some pepper flakes, and greasing up early in the burn

High – Monkey Breath a hybrid (70/30) leading with its indica charge, beginning in the head with a strong enhancement of euphoric waves, and pumping you up with an overall mood heightening. As the stone continues through you, so do the effects, making a full shuffle down your body, replacing any feelings of soreness with those of pure relaxation. This tasty combination proving to be solid for later daytime use or rolling up in the evening