Medium sized moderately dense chunky tapered buds with some extra sugarleaves left behind. Light and forest greens made up the background with a healthy amount of longer burnt orange pistils. Nice level of moisture, with a slight crusty exterior and an interior that was sticky to the touch. Short transparent stalks with mainly clear and cloudy heads sitting atop. The nose was impressive, and it wasn’t too far off from the PDB. Pungent yet sweet with light berry or grape aromas with an overtone of refreshing woody and citrus aromas.

Found the flavor was again like PDB but had some noticeable pine alongside the light taste of berries on exhale. Burned even with a respectable greasy oil ring after the first few tokes with some very mild sharpness to the smoke. Nothing harsh on the throat. Found I was hit relatively quickly with some cerebral effects that left my vision hazey and my body relaxed almost simultaneously. Uplifting vibes and pleasant euphoria had me enjoying the well-balanced buzz. Later I did notice my eyelids becoming a bit heavy after an additional bong rip.  A strain that likely would be great anytime of the day but for bigger smoke sessions; will be better suited for evening and relaxing activities.