Strain – Mochi (Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert)

Visual/Texture – majority medium sized nuggets, fresh and sticky exteriors, some sponginess on the squeeze, cleanly trimmed buds. Light minty shading, with fresh grass green undertones, light brown thinner pistils drawing out from the spade shaped nugs, and blanketed in a generous layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – Mochi containing such a wide variety of aromas seeping out of the buds. A mashed up compilation of some unique scents featuring a sweet creamy fruitiness, nutty herbal notes, and a distinct sour mintiness coming through. An absolute blend of some exotic terpenes that really mesh quite well together

Smoke – ash of a lighter grey color with pepper spots all over, and very quickly in the burn you are gifted with a thick oil ring. The transition of taste from smell is returned quite decently through the smoke, inhales of sweet fruity berries, with herbal hints being produced. On the exhale the flavoring switches over to a sour minty, spicy earthiness

High – chopped completely down the middle this (50/50) hybrid really brings you the best of both worlds. Initially being hit by the Sativa side of the high, feeling uplifted, in an excelled mood, and thoughts of creativity flowing through your head. Not too long into the bake is where you start getting slapped by the Indica effects sending a relaxing feeling over your entire body, and a burnout that hits you with a full fledge state of tiredness. Worthy of twisting up after a long day of work, or nighttime roasting