Mocha Mintz rated as Indica
Not too sure of the cross ? Mocha/lope  x Kush Mintz

Small to medium size buds. Insanely dense with deep purple emerging on the tips. A bit of headless stalks on the exterior. Mostly long stalked shinny heads inside. Stems that snapped easily and a nice trim.

It was suble nutty a bit of dank in the back with  funky coffee like hints. Didnt transfer too well to the taste mostly earthy a bit spicy. Left a fluffy white ash on each bowl burned steady but a bit fast grease up joints easily considering it wasnt the stickyest.

The effect felt super strong. A euphorising wave at first its heady but not heavy it made me feel sluggish and unwinded.  Id keep for night time since its a really potent hybrid. Didnt knock me out but it led to a really relaxed and unproductive state ahah.