Buds were impressively dense buds that were carefully handled and obviously well trimmed. Dark green sugarleaves peeked out amongst the otherwise light and rich green backgrounds plastered white by the thick resin coverage. The rusty orange to peach coloured pistils also added to the already impressive visual appeal. The trichomes were untouched and easy to see with the naked eye. Up close there was a great balance of heads which were short stalked with fat globular heads packed together tightly. Perfect cure with a slightly hardened exterior and overly sticky and spongy interior, which acted like kinetic sand when busted. The visuals were stunning, but the smells are what got me. Not the typical profile I rant about, but the earthiness of this strain had me thinking of fresh forest floor mixed with a musty and skunky aroma. As you busted the buds up; the skunkiness of the strain becomes intense and pungent filling the room almost immediately.

Smoke was incredibly smooth which made it simple to annihilate some decent sized bong rips. These plumes of smoke provided some delicious flavors of dank kush and skunk mixed with heavy earth. Effects had me feeling like I was moving in slow motion with incredibly euphoric sensations alongside a overly stoned cerebral high. There were several instances I caught myself closing my eyes and enjoying the buzz I could feel through the body. All in all, I found this one to be a creeper with progressive Indica dominant buzz that kept climbing.  The physical relaxation continued to progress to an obvious and unavoidable couchlock sensation. A potent and relaxing option I’ll be saving to shut off my brain at the end of the night.