Small to medium sized buds with some bright green backgrounds and some long spindly bright orange pistils. There were also some extra sugar leaves left behind on the buds that provided some darker forest green colours. Visuals were nice but not as stunning as the other two strains. On closer inspection the trichome heads were mainly clear with some minor amounts of milky ones. Found the smells to be much more impressive with crazily pungent, sharp and skunky aromas with some mild sweetness and earthy undertones. Really nice stanky bud.

Found the joint burned well with an almost perfect white ash and a greasy oil ring that was thick and well below the ember early on. Flavors were mainly gassy with some minor sweetness that tried to peek through the plumes of diesel tastes.  Balanced hybrid effects hit me rather quickly with both a stoney head high and relaxing weighty physical effects that had me feeling great. An hour post- smoke there was some moderate sedative effects that had me lying horizontal. Nice relaxed buzz that lasted a solid 2 hours before I felt the need to go for another round. The sedation makes it well-suited for a chill evening or a nightcap as you’re planning to pass out.