A cross of O.G Kush and G13 which arrived as one large nug which had array of colours including lime to forest greens, dusty purples and deep rusty orange pistils. The pistils themselves were a highlight as they just seemed to crawl all over the buddy which was especially noticeable near the tip. The entire bud was highlighted by the short stocky trichomes that were speckled throughout the bud; which were almost entirely cloudy.  The smells coming from the bud were nothing exotic or over the top but reminded me of some old school strains I’ve had in the past.  However, it was distinctly herbal with some hints of spices and pine; which filled my nostrils and lingered for some time.

Smooth smoking strain without any noticeable harshness burning with a salt and pepper ash, being more on the white side. Found this strain crept up on me with potent effects which was kind of surprised me as I was getting impatient and nearly ready to roll another jay. Flavors were reminiscent of the smell and really highlighted the OG Kush heritage with earthy, piney and herbal notes. Advertised as a 50/50 strain and I could likely agree as I found myself with an initially social and euphoric buzz that had you feeling like your head was above the clouds. This later melded into both couch locking body buzz with some ongoing spaciness producing a quite a long-standing high.