Had a chance to try the flower rosin off the exact same flower I smoked 3 weeks earlier. It was crazy to see the difference in textures and consistency compared to the BBMAC 1 Flower Rosin as this one was runny, super wet and almost acted like a slightly thickened maple syrup. The more you agitated the product the more it seemed to melt or soften into a fluid. As you can see in the pic on the end of my tool as it always seemed to form a perfectly smooth and wet looking oval of rosin. Before I agitated the product, it had a bit of a rich nut-brown colouring with a slightly hardened exterior.  After mixing, it appeared very wet with a deep yellow/peach hue, with an almost light milky translucent appearance in small collections. Smells were beautiful with a strong dank herbal kush scent alongside some gas.

Tried this one out around 500 degrees in the rig and banger and had an impeccable smoking experience with a sweet, fruity, and gassy flavor all tied together with a lil herbal kush notes on exhale. Very minor residue left behind without any odd burnt taste. Found this hit me in the nodding quickly; slowing my thought processes almost immediately; with a progressively increasing bodyload settling into the limbs. Such a definitively relaxing smoke that had me kicking back and enjoying the sun setting in the backyard around the fire. It will be hard to top this one for winding down at the end of the night. Tasty, smooth and fairly potent effects have me making this a part of my nightly routine at the moment. I am no expert on flower rosin but out of the 6-8 I’ve tried so far this was very much my favourite, with strong terpene profile, wicked visual appeal and impressively strong effects.