Multiple sizes of buds ranging from large to popcorn with a nice trim and significantly dense buds. Found the strain arrived rather fresh feeling sticky, pliable, and soft without the typical crisp exterior. A couple days of burping seemed to bring the moisture level to a more desirable level. Multitudes of colours including deep and light greens, rich purple sugarleaves and short burnt orange pistils. All highlighted by a greasy, and resinous layer. A closer look revealed a stocky semi-transparent stalk with milky and clear globular heads. Smells were wonderful with rich and pungent gas hitting the nostrils immediately. This was accompanied by aromas of dank wet earth and mild herbal notes making for an addictive scent.

Smoke was slow and greasy producing a thick resin ring after the first few tokes; burning with a light grey ash plus areas of darker flecks. Smoke produced was robust and filled the lungs quickly without any hints of harshness. Taste followed through on the scent but mainly got gas dominating the profile. Found the effects crept up on me about 5 minutes after smoking with a progressive stoney head high. This made it hard to collect your thoughts as my train of thought constantly was interrupted by pleasant euphoria. Had me closing my eyes a few times to just enjoy the constant waves of physical relaxation that were slowly multiplying. Really enjoyable and relaxing buzz; made it challenging to write this review; but simple to kick back and relax. Potent relaxing and strongly euphoric strain that didn’t knock my ass out; but had the potential to if I had second sesh.