From getting it out of the bag, to breaking it up for the first joint, this strain was sticky as hell. The stickiness only added to the visual appeal as I broke apart the dense and vibrant green buds.  Looking more closely I noticed small areas of purplish hues accenting the deep orange hairs. Smell was straight gas which was followed by a skunky profile.

The taste was very similar to the smell however there was an overriding pine on inhale followed by that familiar heavy diesel on exhale. Smoked extremely well with thick white clouds. Except there was a noticeable tickle to the back of the throat after each haul. Buzz was great with heavy eyelids and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation that pushed me deeper and deeper into the couch. This would be a bud I solely recommend for evening activities.  As every time I smoke it; this strain has tucked me in, sung me a lullaby and knocked me out (Ha). On the top end of a couchlock type strain in my opinion.