This beautiful cut of MK Ultra is heavily frosted out and just shimmering with trichomes. The buds are very dense and have a nice stickyness to them. Trimmed expectionally well and cured pretty well perfect aswell. Has a pungnent gassy scent along with a hint of earth and a bit of a musky aroma.

When smoked I received a gassy skunky foral taste with a bit of spicy earth. Burned pretty well perfect in a joint being continuous and slow while burning even the whole way through in a joint. Had a nice grease ringer and the ash was light gray with a tad of a salt and pepper while smoked in classic Raw papers.

I found this to be medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. Immediately after smoking I felt europhic, uplifted and soothed. Then a calming relaxation washed over me not long after. Smoking to much will put you asleep.