Look at it. Tell me that’s not what you want to see when you crack open a jar of quads. I hate to schmooze incessantly but so far, it has been the real deal.

My half ounce came in all of 4 nugs. One massive unit weighing in at 8g making up for the majority. Dense, sticky, massive, well cured and trimmed. Black hues throughout the bud alongside the copious amount of dark orange pistils give this a very unique look. Almost black hues under normal light with the dark orange and pale green contrasting.

As for the nose, it is very pleasant but familiar. I find that all of the Gasleak strains smell very similar. That isn’t a bad thing at all – earthy nutiness, smooth vanilla and piney diesel. In my experience, they always have the gas on deck.

Burn was decent. A little harsh though heavy hitters usually are. Salt and pepper ash. Really earthy/diesel terps, a bit of sweet vanilla creaminess to rough out the edges. A treat for all the gas chasers out there.

Moving on to the effects… Things start out strong. Really intense cerebral rush, comes in waves. You feel the waves throughout your body, points of pressure start making themselves aware. The feeling intensifies in waves, creeping up to a sweaty and disorienting mind and body buzz that is ridiculously potent.

Despite being an indica dom, I felt majority of the effects on the cerebral side of things. Or at the very least, the cerebral effects were intense enough for me not to notice the body stone until things had calmed down a bit.

Honestly, all around solid. LPB is setting the bar very high by putting out stuff like this. This is definitely a strain to use with caution, you’ll get swallowed up quick. For experienced users looking to go to the moon, this strain is the real deal.