Strain – Mint Chocolate Chip (SinMint Cookies x Green Ribbon BX)

Visual/Texture – oval shaped, airy bud with a crispiness to the texture, with sugar leafs intact. Mainly the coloring appearing to be a bright minty green underneath, with the majority being overthrown by the vibrant violet, and rich purple hues taking on the overall presence. The pistils are a lit up appearing fire orange color, and coated in a thick jacket of frosted snowy trichomes

Scent – initially the scent is quite faint coming off the nug, once agitated it becomes slightly more pronounced. The aroma being released is a mixture of terpene fumes, containing minty herbs, sweet pines, and a nutty with a robust earthiness 

Smoke – producing an ash fairly even salt to peppering, and sprouting a ring of oil quite soon after sparking up. Taking in each inhale of herbal mint, sweetened pine, and a earthy nuttiness. Exhaling out each hoot tasting of a nutty robust earthiness, with a cedar taste also coming through

High – Mint Chocolate Chip an evenly balanced hybrid (50/50)  Without much hesitation the high begins taking hold shortly into the joint, starting behind the eyes, all while elevating your mood, and creating an uplifted sense of motivation with some provided energy. As the stone wears on, its settles over your body, delivering a numbing relaxing feeling. A good day blaze that allows you to continue chipping away at everything needing to be done post session