Brand – Mini Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies by Hansel & Edibles

Flavor – each one of these cookies, roughly the size of loonie small in stature but big in flavor. Tasting just like a full sized cookie of the same caliber, these little guys tasted delicious the whole time. With only the sweet cookie flavoring taking place while downing these, it’s a difficult task to hold back from polishing the contents in a sitting. There’s no weed taste at any point while eating these baby biscuits, only an after taste that lingers briefly in your throat a bit after downing these

Potency – I was completely unaware of what these were dosed at with no labeling on the incredibly cool bag they came in. At first I tossed back one, but then figured let’s see where the results of all five would take me. My guess would be that these are sitting around 50mgs each, but that’s only a guess. After downing the five Mini Macs, I was slowly descended into a euphoric haze, full on body relaxation, mood elevation, and a constant battle to keep my eyes more than slightly open. An overall outcome of solid sleep both earlier and longer than expected

Quality – these both looked and tasted identical to their large counterpart form. Crunchy, thinner made cookies of potency unknown. Probably a good thing these were only packaged in fives, miniature sized, big in potency, great tasting make these little bags of biscuits a solid choice for jumping on to the next passing rocket ship