Large chunky buds arrived slightly squished but were significantly dense with some minty and bright green backgrounds. There were also some darker purples near the tips of the buds which helped to provide a contrast to the thick layer of matted trichomes. I did find 2 immature seeds in one of the larger buds I broke down, but nothing more. Upon closer inspection there was a good balance of clear, cloudy and amber trichomes. The smell coming off was fantastic and provided a perfect balance of rich orange and sweet aromas; memorable aroma I’ll be on the lookout for in the future.

Smoke was smooth and easy on the lungs with flavors of sour orange and earthy notes. Finished with a clean white ash in the bong and joint.  Found about 10 minutes after smoking; the head was buzzing, and I felt pretty spaced out. Increased energy followed as I had a hard time staying still, with a need to do something active. Hazey eyes and a mellow body load followed about an hour later which helped balanced things out. Potent balanced effects with some outrageous aromas and a smooth smoke; make this a great option for daytime activities.