This phenotype of mimosa is quite unique and one ive not had elsewhere in terms of the flavours. You have a blend of a herbs, spices and a nuttiness that is quite similar to nutmeg with a sweet berry finish. The flavors will catch you off guard if you are looking for that citrus fruity taste you know mimosa for.

Texture and consistency of this product is a perfect blend of mostly mini  and small diamonds with a couple larger diamonds mixed with sauce that overall  makes for a easy to work with extract.

THCA has perfect clarity and purity and the sauce is a dark golden amber. Its quite beautiful to just stir around and admire in the sunlight, id almost like to see these diamonds with out sauce.

Potency on this THCA is about average in terms of other THCA i have had in the past. The high takes effect instantly feeling it in your temples and a little behind the eyes. Sativa leaning hybrid  providing positive creative thoughts and a great wake me up when feeling tired. Personally found this strain provided a lot of physical relaxation in my shoulders.

This is definitely a extract that needs a clean banger to properly enjoy.