These knockout buds have a heavy diesel, gassy, fuel and skunky aroma. The buds were on the medium to large size and just matted out in glistening milky trichomes. Having a nice purple hueing and neat fox tailing happening. Had a awesome trim job and the cure was spot on perfect.

There was a dank diesel fuel taste with a yummy skunky taste with a hint of spice. The smoke was so smooth and ever so tasty. Burned expectionally well in a joint, being slow even and continuous the whole through. There was an immediate grease ringer an the ash was fairly white.

I found this to be a high potency indica. This hits you strong, quick and knocks you off your guard. Right away the high brought on a hazy heady high and I was left very unfocused. I felt super lazy and was pretty sedated. I found it hard to get up out of my seat. Valued at 220 a zip before any discounts or coupons.