Mike Tyson (AAA) from Cannabis Kings

100% Indica

Visual: The buds were dark and a bit dank looking. There was a little bit of leaf and it looked like it might be a little loose, but it was very dense. It had lots of tight compact sparkly crystal and lots of brown hairs all over these forest green buds. They were long and had a cone shape at the tip.

Nose: The nose had that familiar Mike Tyson smell to it. It was sweet and gassy, heavy and hashy, with a bit of skunk. It was very pungent.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back in the grinder a bit and I had to pick it out as well. It was very sticky, and it squished up when I was cutting it with scissors. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: The taste was very pungent as well. It was skunky and gassy with some woodiness.

Burn: The burn was great. The ash was nice, it gave lots of smoke and it burnt slow. It was a tiny bit harsh.

Potency/Effects: The effects built up well to a good potency level for me. It was very relaxing and a bit of a heavy hitter. The effects were sedative, and it weighed me down. It would be good for late night.