MOM: The Prince’s Private Reserve

Registration: Site account, No ID
Customer Service: Gets back by email in a day, tracking takes one day, active on discord, ask for his discord server through IG or email (contests, deals, news)

Order: MEOW

Genetics: (Raw x PCS1) X [WiFi3 x (Scott’s OG x Casper OG)]

Incentive for Review: None, unbiased candid review

Packaging: Arrived in discreet brown box separated into white half oz mylars vacuum sealed.
No smell, nice packaging and logo with Pink Bubba OG sample and some Dubble Bubble gums included.

Bag Appeal: Heavy gas scent, a unique potent deep scent of fuel. Buds are pretty consistent throughout, ranging 0.8-1.5g for most.
Nice protective leaf trim to keep trichomes intact (don’t want those falling off and losing potency/flavour).
Trich heads and coverage coat each bud.
Buds have nice dark shades of green and purple with nice orange pistils.
Great cure and very very sticky.

Smoke: Great smoke. Burned well with white ash, smooth intake, nice clean sweet flavour. Haven’t smoked many joints as clean as this.

Effects: A hybrid that hits hard on both fronts. Hits the body and mind together at first and settles into body relaxation thereafter. No paranoia/anxiety.

Conclusion: This is definitely a great AAAA strain with a unique nose and experience anyone could appreciate.
Those new to quads or flower should watch out for potency.