Long slender extremely dense medium sized buds, with most of the buds covered by an array of light and dark purples. There were also some vivid forest greens and burnt orange pistils which created a brilliant combination of colours which had to fight to be seen through the thick coating of resin. Upon closer inspection the long trichome stalks possessed mainly amber and milky heads that tightly packed and abundant. The smells coming from the bag resemble a “breath” type smell with pungent dank, musty and rotten fruit aromas immediately overwhelming the nostrils.  Another fantastic nose.

Burned with a moderate oil ring, producing smooth yet full plumes of smoke letting you know it’s a heavy hitter. Burned mainly white with some peppering into the center of the center of the jay. Flavors coming through continued to be the musty dank earthy notes with some mild sweet fruit on exhale. Effects were a well-balanced hybrid with some initial euphoric and heady effects. Followed soon after (30min) by a relaxing body that settles into the muscles of the limbs and torso. There is a definite couchlock risk as I found my eyelids became heavy and it became increasingly difficult to stay awake after a joint and a bong rip.