Breath in, breath out. We on that breath hunt. This time we are smoking some mendo breath from weed Posters.

Some beautiful trichomes displays on this one. Tight nugs, they don’t fuck with smalls. Lots of gas in this pack. Mendo is little nugs that looks like cheese balls with beautiful amber trichomes and regal purple hues. No lack of potency with notes of dank earthy cheese and light gasoline. When you light up this blunt, be prepared for a punch of mossy gasoline and gouda.

The high is extremely deliberating. Be prepared for some hefty couch lock effects as you fight your legs back asleep and attempt to focus. Watch the hit, it fights back and makes you feel like a fish our of water.

Some shipping issues in this one. The jar broke on shipping but compensation is being made for the issue, good on you weed Posters!

Thanks for all the love and support, excited for 2020! Peep the insta for live up to date moon reviews =)