Another banger from the WCC fam! These Mendo Breath diamonds absolutely reek of sugary sweet and herbal gas. There are also some vanilla candy terps mixed in which make for an absolutely delectable nose. There isn’t much loose sauce here, it’s mostly big chunky diamonds along with micro diamonds mixed into the minimal sauce that there is. Even though there doesn’t seem to be much sauce present, the terps are loud af! The flavour is equally as amazing as the nose with a slightly herbal sweet candy profile. The aroma translates into an almost identical flavour on smoke but with a bit less gas. The burn is super clean, leaving no residue and absolutely no cough. This stuff is really good for winding down after a long day but it won’t exactly put you out. The high is strong with an initial head rush and some euphoria, but it slowly becomes much more mellow, with a peaceful/chilled out vibe and a light body load but a weirdly strong couchlock. Overall this is a delightful dab with flavours and effects that keep me coming back. I would say it’s best enjoyed when paired with a relaxing activity as you’ll still be fairly functional but with an enhanced propensity for strong relaxation. 💯💪