Melon Kush rated as Hybrid AAA
A cross of of Classic Kush x Lemon Haze

Bright green elongated nugs coated in shinny dusty trichomes. Purple emerging from the core to the bract ( or calyx not too sure how to call them anymore ahah ). With vibrant yellowish orange hairs. It was on the dry side and had lots of sugar leafs curled in not dusty but not super fresh.  Easy to snap and grind.

The smell is strong even better when busted open you get a lot of piney earthy notes with floral like. The taste is nice piney with a lemony exhale. Burned a bit fast with a salty ash. It left a small resin ring on joints.

The high was really nice a mellow relaxing strain with a clear headed feeling. Didnt felt too spacy, easy to focus and stay anxiety free.  Wouldn’t use it as a first rotation but perfect when youre well awake. Enjoyed this one a lot for mid day.