As you opened the can, you were met with dense tapered nugs with an array of bright green to dark purple hues. The perfect trim and heavy coating of trichomes also made these buds appearance exceptionally appealing to the eyes. Upon closer inspection there was a balanced mix of clear, cloudy and amber trichome heads. The buds did have a slightly drier exterior then I would like but this was remedied easily with some time with a humidity pack for a day or two.  The smell was pungent with heavy plumes of musty, dank and herbal aromas escaping the can and hitting the nostrils.

The smoke was exceptionally smooth yet felt potent with full milky clouds filling my lungs.  The burn was slow and even with a thick oil ring finishing with a fluffy near white ash. The buzz was felt strongly soon after smoking with hard-hitting hazy sensations felt behind the eyes making it difficult to focus. This also led to my eyes feeling very heavy and constricted as I felt a need to squint with my eyes becoming more sensitive to light. Later I felt my energy and ambition leaving my body quickly; leaving me to sink deeper and deeper into the couch where I initially sat down.