Coming in large meaty buds, with a unique beautiful foxtailing happening. Having a heavy plastering of shimmering trichomes makes the buds appear very white, with a darker green forest color and heavy hues of purple all over. The buds are fairly dense with a nice bit of spongeyness, not being rock hard. Has a strong aroma the punches you right in the nose with a ever so succelent loud candy herbal smell, with a tangy citrusy orange notes.

When smoked I was greeted with a sweet candy herbal flavour with a nice tangy citrus orange creamsicle taste going on. The smoke was super smooth with no harshness at all. Burned expectionally well in a joint being even slow and continuous the whole through a joint. There was a decent grease ringer and the ash was pretty white with a slight peppering.

I found this to be a high potency evenly balanced hybrid. The high brought on a heavy europhia leaving me in a very positive mind set. This really had me uplifted feeling and not down feeling anymore. I was very relaxed and did not want to get up from my chair I was sat in. This took a lot of my aches and soreness away.