Strain – Maui Wowie

Visual/Texture – compact with a good density on the nugs, once snapping into the pepper shaped buds, revealing the sticky, greasy inner lining. Colored up in emerald green with olive undertones, being lit up by fire orange pistils extending throughout the formation. Caked up by a healthy amount of crystal ice trichomes draped over the nuggets

Scent – dragging a decent aroma behind it initially, you’re really treated to its true serving of terpy delights once busting the bud up. Some amazing terpenes emerging from this green, you receive wafts of pleasant aromas each whiff you take. The scents coming off of this strain are a pleasent mixture of sweet aromatics from a fruity tropical, citrus, paired together with a sour, herbal fragrence that really compliment one another perfectly

Smoke – the produced ash being mild grey, and peppered, carrying a resin ring during the majority of the session. Moving over from the smell, there’s less taste coming through on the smoke, taking on inhales tasting of sweet tropical fruit, citrus, and a spicy herbal earthiness. While exhaling you’re hit by some¬† similar notes, dominanted by a spicy cedar, with an earthy presence

High – Maui Wowie is a hybrid (80/20) tossing up a large sativa presence, with the resulting high that backs it up. First receiving an uplifting energetic boost, that really helps assisting an ignition of motivation. You also end up receiving an engagement of creativity, all while being accompanied by a sense of enhanced euphoric thoughts, and guaranteed to have you places in a mood of bliss. Fully capable of roasting this stuff during the day without any issues continuing about your regular activities, not only leaving you functional but also placing you exactly where you’re wanting to be