Maui waui rated as AAA Sativa

A cross of Hawaiian x Unknown strain.

Big schunky nugs with a dense elongated and really tight structure. Fresh bud with a good humidity level didnt felt snappy or wet just perfect. It had a nice mixe of light and dark green with long orange hairs getting thicker and  at the top of the buds.

Smell was super fruity and tropical has to be top 5 in the most fruity strains I had this year. It smell almost of a sour papaya with hints of skunky woodyness. The smoke was crazy smooth and light. It got even more fruity barely got any earthy or skunk on the exhale. Burned to a white fluffy ash burned slow and steady as I expected by how fresh they look, greased up after a couple drags

The effect where nice. Kind of a generic Sativa hybrid high. I felt decently uplifted, euphoric and creative but also quit relaxed not much of a headrush dizzy feeling. But perfect first strain for a wake and bake or clear headed outdoor time.