Strain – Master Tuna (Master Kush x Tuna Kush)

Vistual/Texture – smaller sized bud, fairly rounded with an equal fluffiness to sponge like texture, giving up a fair amount of squeeze, and slightly crisp exterior. Lighter mossy green colored, having undertones of darker forest shading, some remaining sugar leaf presence. Short, deep colored copper pistils stretched over the entire unit, and a healthy layer of frosted white trichomes shrouded over the nug

Scent – coming out with a potent aroma, really loud with its extra loud stench really broadcasting its terpene presence right out the bag. Taking in wafts of pungent skunky tuna gas, notes of sweet citrus, and spicy earthy undertones

Smoke Рthe burn bringing on a light grey ash, having a peppering throughout, and providing an oil ring after a few puffs. That super stanky scent carrying through while smoking. Inhaling clouds of deep tuna skunk flavoring, sweet citrus, and sour earthiness. Exhaling the flavor  becomes more of a spicy, earthy, with a faint sour citrus lingering behind

High – two solid strains used to birth this indica powered hybrid (70/30) strain. A high that commences with a heightened cerebral head stone, while also receiving an enhanced euphoria, which will immediately elevate your mood. Slowly working its way down your body, decreasing any aches, and soothing you down to a more relaxed state. Blazing Master Tuna during the day won’t cause any major hurdles, but leave you baked yet still fully functional if required