Nice herb at first sight!
Large,sticky,tight,rock solid well manicured dark and lime green buds covered in short dark orange hairs and coated in crystals and caked in big bright gleaming trichomes. Smell is pungent sweet lemon citrus gas that fills the room especially after being busted. Taste is very nice!I’m getting strong earthy sweet,creamy(vanilla),with some sour in the background that eventually takes over the joint(1.5g) and sits nice on the palate keeping you guessing.Slow very resinous burn with a nice thick oil ring midway with a salt and pepper ash. High is relaxing,euphoric and cerebral. Im feeling alert,uplifted/happy and good with full body relaxation but very heavy headed and eyed. Excellent herb overall tasted excellent and makes me feel comfortable. Id recommend this herb for evening/night-time unwinding!