The first thing that struck me about this was how small it actually was. I’ve seen pictures of the product several times online in various shops and this was my first time viewing it in person. I was expecting something the size of a small chip bag, though was greeted with a small treat the size of a twenty-bag instead.

Really impressed with the little packaging it came in. They fit a lot of information on there considering how little space there is. Not so sure about how useful it all is – though it is there.

The jelly contained inside was wrapped in some parchment with small cuts across the front of it for the purpose of division. Decided to take it all in one go as my tolerance is a bit high.

Consistency wise, the gummy was very pleasant. Not unlike something you’d find at the bulk section of the grocery store. The flavor was not overly sweet and tasted of tropical fruits (could have easily passed off as mango or pineapple). A slight hint of the cannabis extract can be tasted, blended very well in to the overall flavor profile as to make itself less detectable. The extract taste is of course a bit bitter and earthy.

Despite it being made with sativa source material, I found the effects to be fairly balanced. A nice body stone that lasted several hours with a peaking cerebral buzz and comedown. The advertised effect profile suggests a full spectrum extract (or something close) being used to create the edibles. I’d definitely agree with that based on my experience, far better quality of effects than distillate or other low quality alternatives.