Strain – Mango cartridge by Elev8

Smoke – smooth smoking cart/pen on the inhale and exhale, but as per any cart make sure you know what you’re capable of in taking before you regret it. This Mango cart was by far the most terpene infested that I’ve had the pleasure or trying. Both inhale and exhale brought forth a sweet mango flavoring that continued to dance on the palate after releasing each hoot

High – super discreet, and other than how blinged it appears, quite non conspicuous. Easy and loaded ready to blast wherever you are, great for on the go and ideal for daytime. The results giving you a spacey head stone, uplifting, foggy eyed, and delivers you into a euphoric state. With how easy it is to over indulge, I find the burnout to hit fairly heavy when doing so

Quality: the quality was absolutely stunning, as it came in a golden box, with a golden preloaded pen inside, just remove and start getting high as soon as it hits your lips. Excellent tasting, looks spectacular, and packs the potency that a cart should deliver.. oh ya did I mention, it’s fucking GOLD!!?!