One long somewhat chunky 5-gram bud alongside its 2-gram counterpart made up this quarter. Background colours were minty green with patches of light green and dusty purples that were whitewashed by the thick coating of milky white trichomes. Long dark green to purple sugar leaves pointed towards the tip which protected a lot of the trichome coverage below. There were also light peach to rusty orange pistils adding to the already diverse colour palette. As I looked closer, the densely packed long milky stalks had a nice balance of heads atop. Smells coming off the bud were mainly musty and nutty with some underlying menthol and pine. This was a weird nose to me but kind of intriguing; took me a while to decide on the combo of scents I was picking up.
Found the joint burned nicely with a uber clean white ash with an incredibly smooth smoke. A small oil ring was present midway through the joint. Found the effects hit nicely behind the eyes and above the shoulder with a cerebral buzz that allowed me to stay focused and keep my thoughts organized. Nicely episodic uplifting vibes kicked in from time to time. Moreso suited for daytime activities but without any sedation to speak of it’s perfect to keep yourself motivated without any fatigue or lethargic feelings.