Mandarin Cookies From One Two Treez

Visual: These buds were just beautiful! The one bud was just massive and very impressive! There were a few different colours that seemed to compliment each other. There were some light greens and some bright greens but mostly a frosty green/black colour and tons of sparkly crystal all over and throughout. They had a good structure and the buds were very dense.

Nose: The nose was very pungent! It had a sweet and sour citrus with an earthy, sweet muskiness. I found it to be very appealing, like leather can be.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back lots in the grinder and it tended to squish a little bit while cutting it. It had a great moisture level and it wasn’t very sticky but I don’t find cookie strains to be sticky usually.

Taste: I got the sweet and sour citrus but not a lot of the muskiness. I got a bit of a light chemical taste but it was very faint.

Burn: The burn was very good. The ash was a tiny bit salt and peppery but it burnt slow and steady and it didn’t want to go out.

Potency/Effects: I loved the visuals and the nose on this one! It was very uplifting and energetic while still maintaining a calm effect. I got a bit of a head buzz and fuzzy feet from it. I sometimes get fuzzy feet from a potent Sativa. Good for daytime and evening.

Overall score – 9.6/10