Mandalorian Rated as Hybrid AAAA+
In house Genetics from Blackrabbit.

Big and colorful nugs, mostly bright purple everywhere with hues of light green on some small sugar leafs mainly the veins when busted open and super bright firey pistils. Looked super coated with a decent ammount of healty heads showing on the outside just a couple headless stalks.

The smell reminds me so much of some Durban vibrant cinnamon hints and a herbal licorice like background. It has a nice  Christmas feel a peppery/spicy and dank taste. The smoke is smooth and it burns slow and steady leaving a gray ash on each bowl.

The effect are super nice perfect to unwind and relax after a long day or just take it easy on some more laid back times. Feels just maybe lightly indica dominant. It sets a super nice relaxing vibe without the heavy and sluggish feeling. Also let me concentrate enough to get task done at a pretty efficient pace. Another nice discovery for me potent ans let you know its there but doesnt knock you out.