Madagascar rated as Indica
Unknown lineage some rumors lean on it being a Landrace  from the Country its named after.

Huge chunks like boulders. Bright green turning purple on the tips. Almost hard to the touch with a bit of a loose trim down near the stem but perfectly manicured near the top of the buds. Felt decently fresh and sticky. A lots of intact trichomes on the exterior too.

Gassy skunky with a light funky touch not too sure I can put a name on it feels woody floral mostly. Transfers to the heavy and smooth smoke. Leaves a nice diesel like taste lingering on the tongue. Burned a tad salt and pepper nothing to bad.

The effects are definetly indica dominant it was relaxing and sedating. Starts with a pretty intense heady feeling with the pressure building arround the eyes. Fast acting and leads to sedating super fast.