Strain – MAC 1 (Alien Cookies F2 x  Miracle 15)

Smell – having this strain a few times now this strain has a sweet stank of a mixture of scents reeking off of this stuff. The nose is a mixture of sweet, creamy, and almost a sour citrus dough

Smoke – smooth and clean burning light whitish light grey ash, oil ring materialized after the  first couple pulls. The inhale consists of the sweet creamy dough flavor where as the exhale is a slightly sour creamy flavor

High – it sports a decent potency but it’s also a 50/50 hybrid so it’s a strain that allows you to keep functioning without any major problems,  although just chillin out can also be an option no doubt

Quality: Small and medium sized compact nugs that are sticky and super dense at the same time. Buds glistening in trichomes, really nice lightly shaded green and sporting amber pistils throughou the structures. A good strain that can’t really do you any wrong